Roulette Wheel Watches You Should Know About

Roulette gaming and watches have both long been synonymous with class, wealth and old world sophistication.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that some of the world’s greatest watchmakers would decide to launch lines of watches aimed specifically at the high roller crowd, allowing them to sport fashionable and lavish designs inspired by their favourite casino game.

Whether you are wearing it at the Roulette table, in front of your computer as play Roulette online, or at a dinner party as a conversation piece, Roulette Wheel watches are the perfect luxury accessory for a gentleman or lady who like to take big risks and doesn’t care who knows it.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most incredible timepieces you can buy inspired by the game of Roulette.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino

Price: 843,116 CAD

Jacob & CO. Astronomia Gambler front side

Starting off our list with our absolute favourite Roulette watch, The Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino – also known as Jacob & Co. Astronomia Gambler – is an absolute beauty to behold. By far the most complex and preposterous watch on this list, this 27.9mm thick and 47mm in diameter monstrosity is about as discrete as a Las Vegas casino – and much like Vegas can be probably spotted from miles away.

Created as part of Jacob & Co.’s mission to rule the outrageously over-engineered, highly inventive, ultra-high-end watch market, this exhibitionist 843,116 CAD Roulette wristwatch is an engineering marvel that will serve as much as a timepiece as it will a conversation piece.

Featuring a Roulette wheel crafted from 18k rose gold, the Astronomia Casino uses black and red enamel to market the 36+1 pockets. But what truly makes this limited edition watch spectacular is not just its bold design, but the fact that it works as a fully functional Roulette wheel.

With its multi-purpose, multi-tier JCAM29A calibre, the Astronomia Casino boasts a rotating platform of four arms rotating above the fully functioning mechanical roulette complication in the background. Powered by a single mainspring, this watch has a rather suitable power reserve of 60 hours.

With this level of craftsmanship it’s no wonder that Toronto-born rapper Drake is the proud owner of one of the only 88 pieces produced.

Christophe Claret – Gaming Collection

Backside of the Christopher Claret Poker watch

Price: 238,000 – 258,400 CAD

A collection comprised of three different watches celebrating casino’s most renowned games – Blackjack, Poker and Baccarat – these glamorous wristwatches are as elegant as they are brilliantly crafted. Fully mechanical, all 3 watches function as interactive timepieces that allow you play the game it is themed after, thanks to ingenious mechanisms that authentically replicate the rules of each game.

If you need an idea of just how spectacular and complex the design is, consider the Poker watch. Based on the popular Texas Hold’em, this watch features the full 52-card game with its respective rules and is built in a way so that three players can play without seeing each other’s cards. This means it needs to feature all 98.304 combinations possible in a three player game, something it does outstandingly!

If you’re wondering why we included this collection on a list about Roulette wheel watches, the answer is one of the main reasons this collection is so absolutely brilliant: All 3 watches have a stunning and fully functional Roulette design at the back of the watch, activated at a shake of the watch. As the rotor loses its momentum the ball will then land at a precise number, the mechanics of which will be fully visible thanks to its clever design.

Add to this a dice game on the side of the watch and you’ll find that each timepiece from this collection is a veritable miniature casino.

Corum Casino Bubble

Corum Casino Bubble front side

Price: 3,666 – 8,696 CAD

Corum owner Severin Wunderman has always considered himself a bit of a gambler. “He is not really a gambler in the casino but more a gambler in life in general” says Knych Keller, Corum USA’s director of communications.

It was this passion for taking risks that inspired Wunderman to create the fantastic Corum Casino Bubble watch. A fun and stylish large-format, bubble dome watch, the Bubble features a roulette wheel complete with all numbers and colors.

Working as either a self-winding watch, or with automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve, this timepiece may not be a functional Roulette game as the previous two, but it certainly manages to capture the elegance and beauty of the game with its slick design.

Coming in either stainless steel – retail price 3666 CAD – or a bezel inlaid with diamonds – retail price 8696 CAD – the Casino Bubble was produced in a limited – though not numbered – quantity. Certainly more affordable than the Astronomia or the Christophe Claret, this Roulette watch is definitely worth a spin.

Azimuth King Casino

Azimuth Roulette watch front

Price: 5,271 CAD

An evolution of their earlier SP-1 Roulette model, the Azimuth King Casino builds upon what its predecessor accomplished and takes it to the next level.

The perfect watch for lovers of table games, the King Casino manages to appeal to fans of two of the most sophisticated casino games: Roulette and Baccarat. Boasting a striking retro-futuristic design that is as eye-catching as it is functional.

The King Casino consists of a 45mm case with a dice-shaped winding crown that serves two different purposes: Setting the time and activating watch’s game functions. Push the dice twice and the ball will spin around the roulette dial and stops at a random number. With the outer chapter ring engraved with the “Player”, “Banker” or “Tie” options of Baccarat, the position the ball lands in will also tell you the winner of the Baccarat hand, possibly helping you to decide on what to bet on when at a Baccarat table.

Azimuth produced three versions of the King Casino: Stainless steel, Gold plated and a stainless steel and chocolate-coloured PVD model, each one with a leather strap and folding buckle.

Bell & Ross BR 01 Casino Watch

Bell & Ross BR01 Gold front

Price: 32,000 CAD

Bell & Ross might be best known for their superb aviation watches, but in their BR 01 Casino Watch – part of their “Instrument Series” – they have managed to translate what makes them so renowned in the aviation world to the world of gambling.

Unlike some of the other watches on this list, the Roulette design in the BR 01 is not meant as an additional game feature, but rather as a time telling tool using a 3 disc dial.

The outermost disc points out the minutes through the green ‘0’ indicator, the middle disc uses the white ball to show hours and the innermost disc – resembling a roulette wheel’s spinner – tells the seconds – making one revolution per minute. While it certainly isn’t the most intuitive way to tell the time, it is certainly a novel concept that pays off in style once you become used it.

With a diameter of 46 mm and a case is made of PVD Black steel or Pink Gold & Carbon, this watch is as stylish as it is unique.

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