Credit Card Online Casino Deposits

Credit cards are a traditional and widely popular payment method in the online casino industry. In fact, credit cards are one of the most widely used payment methods in every industry out there. Basically, every online casino has a credit card payment option available for its members. Credit cards have been around since the late 1950's. They are convenient to use and give you a layer of protection when you complete transactions using them. Credit cards are typically issued by the two main companies Visa and MasterCard. You would have a hard time finding an online casino that does not support credit cards as a payment method. However, there are a few things to consider before using your credit card to add funds to your balance, such as fees and limits. This is why we will bring you a list to help you choose from the best casinos that do offer credit card payment options.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Credit Card Payments

You would be hard-pressed to find an online casino that does not take credit cards as a method of payment. While e-Wallets are growing in popularity, as are cryptocurrency payments, Visa and MasterCard are still widely used by casino players. As with any payment method, there are advantages and disadvantages with using a credit card casino that you should take into consideration.


  • Widespread – credit cards have been around long before the age of the internet, online casinos and other payment types like e-Wallets. With millions and millions of people who regularly use credit cards, online casinos cannot afford not to implement them into their banking options.
  • High security – when you make transactions with your credit card at an online casino, you have access to one of the world’s most secure and excellent customer support systems. This is the bank that issued your card. In the unlikely event that someone hacks your details and you notice suspicious activity on your account, you are well supported. In most cases, you would be able to claim back any stolen money.
  • Deposits and withdrawals supported – there are numerous banking options that can only process deposits, leaving you scrambling to find a different payment to cash out your winnings. This is not the case for credit cards: they support both deposits and withdrawals.


  • Risk of running into debt – the money that is on your credit card is a loan that you have to pay back regularly. At a credit card casino, you run the risk of spending money you do not have in the first place but that you do have to pay back with interest.
  • Fees – the bank that issued your card is likely to impose monthly and annual fees to keep your account in good order. This is just an additional expense. You should get all the information on fees from your bank before deciding to use your card at a credit card casino.

How To Deposit And Withdraw By Credit Card In The Online Casino

The majority of online casinos in Canada accept credit card as a payments method, Visa and MasterCard bank cards are definitely on the rise in the online gambling industry.

This is particularly true for players who want to experience the whole world of a credit card casino and still have the option to use the card to make payments virtually everywhere. It does not just limit you to a credit card casino, you can use your card when you are grocery shopping, getting a haircut and much more.

If you are wondering how to use credit card at casino games, it is a fairly straightforward process. Obviously, the first step is that you need to have a credit card. You can get one at almost all banks, depending on your financial and employment history.

You then need to head over to the banking page of the casino and add the bank card as a payment method. Then you simply go to deposit, type in the desired amount, confirm the information and you are good to go.

Withdrawals are even simpler. Due to anti-money laundering legislation, you can only withdraw funds to the same payment method you used whenever possible when making your deposit. You simply have to select Withdrawals from your casino’s banking page, enter the amount and the money should reach your account in a few working days.

It is important to know that generally, online casinos do not impose fees when using your bank card to make deposits. Even better, sometimes you might find a special bonus at an online casino when using this payment method.

Various Providers Are Available

For a casino to be successful in this highly lucrative but competitive industry, it has to be versatile. It should cater its products and features to as many people as possible to increase their member base.

While the most common and dominating bank cards are Visa and MasterCard, there is also Diners Club and American Express. An online casino credit card usually accepts all the different bank card providers. This puts the casino in the right position to attract new members and retain them on their platform.

In the near or distant future, it is likely that new credit card providers will come along. It is also just as likely that the casinos will embrace them and add them to their list of existing payment methods.

Instructions For Credit Card Casino Deposits

If you are looking to find a casino that supports Visa or MasterCard credit card payments, you can easily find it in our list. We put it together to save you the time and effort of researching individual websites.

In order to make your first deposit using your bank card at a casino, follow the below step-by-step guide.

  1. Get a credit card – you can apply at your local bank or numerous other banks. Your financial history, as well as the consistency of your income, will determine whether or not you will get approved. However, you should not get a credit card for the sole reason to use it at an online casino. This puts you at the risk of the perfect storm for indebtedness and gambling addiction.
  2. Link your bank card to your casino account – log in to the casino, select the cashier or banking area and click on add payment method. Select credit card and fill in the required fields which can include: provider, card number, issue date, expiry date and security key (CVV).
  3. Make the deposit – head over to the deposit page at the casino. Choose your linked credit card, type in the desired amount you wish to deposit and enter the CVV for confirmation.
  4. Play time –deposits are processed instantly and you are able to start enjoying some casino games right away.

Disadvantages of using Credit Cards in Online Casinos

The first and biggest disadvantage of using a credit card as a payment method is that it is credit. You are taking a loan with interest every time you play. Basically, you are playing with money that you do not technically have. But as soon as you start spending this money, you will have to pay it back with an interest. Unfortunately, credit cards are not known to have small interest rates, to begin with.

As such, credit cards would not be recommended for those impulsive players who have a hard time controlling their spending habits. It puts them at unnecessary risk to dig themselves deeper and deeper into debt. These players should consider other payment methods, such as debit cards or e-Wallets. At least this way they can only lose the money they have in their pocket.

Another disadvantage is that it can take 3 to 5 working days to receive the money to your account when you make a withdrawal. This may not have been an issue 10-15 years ago. However, we live in a fast-paced society today. Modern players want their winnings to hit their pockets as soon as possible, and understandably so. As other payment providers can receive withdrawals instantly, credit cards fare poorly in this regard.

A final disadvantage of using a credit card at an online casino is the interest, fees, and other surcharges which can quickly add up. Even if a casino does not charge any fees from their end when you make a deposit with your credit card, your bank does. And just because a casino does not charge any deposit fees, it does not mean you will not be charged for making withdrawals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do casinos accept credit cards?

Most online casinos offer this payment method to its players. Unless you live in a country where online gambling is not allowed, you should not have a hard time at all finding a casino that accepts credit card payments.

Can you play slots with a credit card?

Yes, you can. As soon as the deposit is completed and your balance is updated, you are free to use the money as you wish. It is your money after all, so if you wish to play slots, you can play slots. Alternatively, you can use your balance on table games, video poker, live dealer and more.

Is it safe to use my credit card at an online casino?

Yes, it is. The big two card companies invest massive amounts of money every year to ensure they have the latest technology, encryption, firewall and other safeguard measures to protect and keep their customers’ details secure.

On top of this, you have the casino itself which has to be licensed and regulated in order to operate lawfully. The casino is likely to add on its own measures to keep your personal and financial information safe and secure.

What credit cards are accepted?

The most commonly accepted credit cards are Visa and MasterCard. But there are also many casino websites that accept American Express and Diners Club in addition to the top two providers.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals?

Deposits are processed instantly. As soon as you make the deposit, you will see the amount in your casino balance and you are all set to start playing.

Withdrawals can take up 5 working days in some cases, though it is usually less than that. Still, the withdrawal time is much slower on credit cards than when using e-Wallets for example. These are able to receive the money instantly once the casino processes the withdrawal.

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